Special Movember Episode – ASP.NET Authentication Provider

This is a special week, we kick off Movember by shaving off their beards to help support men’s health. Find out one of the best kept secrets of Windows Azure Web Sites during the Web Site Window with Amit Apple. During the main segment, Pranav Rastogi, takes us through an overview of the ASP.NET Authentication […]

Mavericks upgrade and ZSH

If you, like me, use zsh as your shell, you may have run in to some trouble with the mavericks update. So before you freak out like I did (or perhaps you already have done so) you can follow these few simple steps to get yourself back up and running. First thing I did was […]

New episode of WebCamps TV is up

This week we are joined by Stephen Zarkos and Pierre Joye to talk about PHP on Windows. Get a better understanding behind some of the performance improvements in PHP 5.5.0 on Windows, what’s coming next, and how you can help contribute.

CSS Pseudo :before and :after content…

Ever need to convert put some html entities into your :before of :after content only to find that they just show up as a bunch of characters?  It’s because CSS needs some of it’s own special characters – and here is the link to a great converter for you.  Enjoy! CSS Entities


This week Myself and Haishi are joined by Pranav Rastogi to talk about Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a mobile first front-end framework for building web sites and web applications. Bootstrap has been adopted into the new ASP.NET templates which will ship with Visual Studio 2013. Get a guided explanation through many of the exciting CSS and […]

Screencast – coming

I know I promised another screencast on the ACF Flexible Content add-on, but I have been pretty busy.  I apologize for any of you who have been waiting – it’s coming I promise!!

Quick Text replace jQuery

Ever find yourself needing to target specific text inside of an element and wrap it so that you can change it? Well here is a quick jQuery regex snippet to help you with just that. var text = ‘I want text'; $( ‘TAG YOU WANNA GRAB’ ).html( function ( i, html ) { var regexp, […]

Two more Screencasts coming.

I am in the process of making two more screencasts to go along with the other two latest involving Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields. These to videos will cover the use of some Add-Ons that can be purchased for ACF. The Repeater Field and The Flexible Content Field. Those should be out […]

I think it’s time for a redesign

Well, It’s about that time that I start redesigning my site. It is old and crappy right now – and I just think I need to get to it. I would really like to screencast my adventure and see how that works out. So.. Maybe after this weekend of WordCamp Vancouver I will get on […]

Well – it’s up

So my first episode as Co-Host of Web Camps TV is officially on the site.  And I have it here for all of you to enjoy.


If I had one good piece of advice for the budding freelancer it would be this, Ask Questions. One problem I had when first starting out was that I was afraid to ask questions, why, you may ask.. Because I was afraid that my clients might think I didn’t know what I was doing. Obviously, […]